My Brief Career as a Rugby Player

To anyone who knows me, the idea of me playing rugby will seem slightly incongruous. Because, although I live in "Fox", I'm certainly no Grant Fox. But for a day, last year, I found myself wearing the number ten jersey worn by the famous five-eighth and playing with the "Cunning Foxes" for the Glacier Country cup. Now, the video's just been uploaded on to youtube.

OK, so it was quite obviously staged! However, there was some genuine competitive spirit, and most of us almost forgot the fact that we were just shooting a little promotional video for our local area. The tackling was not hard, because the snow was so deep, and the landing was very soft. But to say it was a "friendly" wouldn't be quite accurate! Of course, the standard was not particularly high, given that a number of the players had been selected on the basis of their mountain knowledge (for obvious safety reasons) rather than their rugby playing ability. It was surprisingly hard work, too – between takes we were all puffing and panting because of the deep snow and the altitude – and all for less than 4 minutes of film. All in all, it was a fun day, in a beautiful setting.

My rugby playing may not be over yet though. If I practise a bit, I might just get selected for next year's Glacier Country cup!


Barbara said...

I LOVE IT! The whole idea of a bunch of glacier guides scrabbling around in the snow at the top of Fox Glacier, pretending to play Rugby, is hilarious! Four minutes of stardom!! I can imagine it would have been a fun day with plenty of laughs to counter the "aggro".
I'll watch the video when we have our new Internet plan activated!
By the way, you look great in the Rugby shirt - good colours!
ONYA, Jonathan!

Kirsty said...

what a hoot! kiwis and their rugby! They are rugby mad here too!