Giving What We Can

Earlier this year, I mentioned the website givingwhatwecan.org, in a post about overseas development assistance.

Earlier this week, the BBC published an article about Tony Orb, who created that website. (Thanks Felicity for sending me the link.)

It's a timely reminder, in this supposed "season of giving", of how well off we are, and of how small sacrifices on our part can make a big difference to the lives of others, who aren't so fortunate.

Watch Tony explain why he has decided to give away a million pounds over his lifetime to help address global poverty.

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Barbara said...

There are some incredibly generous and good people in our world - more than we imagine, I think.
Because very negative aspects of human nature get the lion's share of daily public attention (via news reports, film, theatre, literature, etc)it is easy to simply not 'see' those myriad selfless expressions of care. Stories of people like Toby Ord are restorative reminders that whatever our income we have enough to share!