Changing Education Paradigms

I just saw this fantastic video animation of a talk by Ken Robinson!

I think it's worth sharing further, for its insights into creativity and education, and the uneasy relationship between those two. And also for its cool visual design.

Ruth Bourchier, who forwarded the link to this video, said in her email that Ken Robinson used to flat with Guy Claxton. (I linked to a couple of videos of him in a previous post.) This seems to confirm what Ken Robinson says: "collaboration is the stuff of growth." I can just imagine those two, as students, having conversations about creativity and education; discussions that have shaped their views to this day.

I've always thought that there are "creative hotspots" at various times and places, where a bunch of like-minded individuals encourage each other to develop their ideas. I'm not sure that they can be replicated online. In the era of facebook, I'm still convinced that nothing beats real face-to-face human interaction. So, do the conversations I have with actual people shape me more than the books I read, or than what I view on the Internet?

I'm afraid that Fox Glacier in the early part of the 21st century is not one of the great "creative hotspots" of human history. That means I am relying, more than I'd like to be, on the virtual world of this blog, and its online habitat!