Learning to Learn

Several months ago, I was sent a link to a Guy Claxton talk, called "What's the Point of School?" and finally got around to watching it today.

Guy Claxton is a British academic who is interested in how children learn. Teachers are familiar with the ideas he's presenting. In fact, they've almost become clich├ęs: I hear teachers talk a lot about helping children become "confident lifelong learners".So, it's disconcerting to realise how entrenched we teachers are in modes of teaching that simply do not foster children's capacity to learn. Professor Claxton reminds us that there are all sorts of ways that we can improve school results without genuinely increasing children's capacity to learn.

This shorter video, "How Children can Learn Better" (also from dystalk.com), outlines some key ideas of his, and gives suggestions for what parents can do to help their children become better learners.

The challenge for me in teaching is to focus less on their work and more on their learning.

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