1.4 Billion Reasons

It's pretty easy, living here in this beautiful part of the world, to forget that not everyone has it as good as we do.

This term, with the kids at Fox Glacier School, we've been learning about our world. And not all of what we're learning is heart-warming. It came as a shock to some that if our world were a village of 100 people, 60 of the inhabitants would be constantly hungry, and 26 of these severely malnourished, despite the fact that there's no shortage of food in the global village.

It's pretty obvious, that not everyone has access to the same resources but that doesn't make it any less disturbing.

I thought this could be a good time to plug the Global Poverty Project. D'Arcy Lunn put me onto this one. He's cycling up the East Coast of Australia to raise awareness of the project, and posting videos of his trip online. The big message is that 1.4 billion people on our planet are living in poverty and we've got to do something about it. Poverty, meaning they subsist on less than NZ$2 per day.

There's a series of public meetings being held in New Zealand this August.
  • mon 24 Beehive event, Wellington
  • tue 25 Auckland media/VIP event
  • wed 26 - Dunedin at town hall
  • thur 27 - Christchurch, majestic theatre
  • fri 28 - Wellington at The Street venue , city centre
  • sat 29 - Auckland at Beaumont Centre, city centre
  • sun 30 - Tauranga, Holy Trinity
  • mon 31 - Hamilton, Waikato Uni Price Waterhouse lecture theatre.
Get to one if you can!