Moving On

I've been so busy with the move up to Fox, and preparing for the school year that I haven't had time for blogging. In fact, I've barely had time for anything else.

Moving certainly makes you realise how much stuff you have! Our new house has a caravan parked out the back, which the previous occupants left for us! So, Felicity and I were reminiscing about the summer when we lived in a caravan. Life seemed simpler then. Perhaps memory simplifies things but I'm sure we had less stuff back then!

We joked that we could just move into the caravan and use the house for storage. Less housework, less heating, less hassle...

This New Zealand design, the portabach, could work! Pack everything into a container, sit it on blocks,open it up and, hey presto, you have an instant home!

Perhaps we should just consider moving to the Middle East. This guy doesn't seem too affected by the political vagaries of the region.

(from http://www.exodus.co.uk/picfiles/11516.html)

I can just picture us in a tent – Sebastian would love it!

Ah, the simple life...

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