Twilight of the Blogosphere

Apparently, "bloggers today are expected to write clever, insightful, witty prose to compete with Huffington and The New York Times".

That's according to this article by some chap called Paul Boutin.

Gosh! If that's the case, perhaps I should quit while I'm ahead, take his advice and "pull the plug" on my feeble attempt at a web log. Trust me to turn up at the party when everyone else is leaving! The cool cats these days twitter, flickr or facebook.

But you came to catch up with a friend. Not to listen to a journalist or a specialist of some sort. There's been no compulsion. I didn't clutter your inbox with a group email you hadn't asked for. No imposition. You're here because you feel like it. You dropped by in your own time, on your own whim.

So, I'll just try to be me

...and make it vaguely interesting.

How's that?


Alexander Olivier

Yesterday was almost surreal in its intensity.

The fact is that we now have a new addition to the family.

I hadn't imagined theatre to be such a busy environment.  Each of the dozen or so people seemed to have a role and knew exactly what they were expected to be doing, whereas I was merely able to stand and watch.  I was asked to cut the cord, but it was a symbolic gesture; the real cutting had already been done.

There was music, funnily enough.  As the newborn was snatched from his mother's belly, Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" played on the radio.  The music was turned off after that (to my relief).  However, it did seem to beautifully encapsulate this crazy complex world he has arrived into.

Te aroha o te mamae.


The waiting game

- Still waiting for the big event.

- Which big event?  In your part of the world, that would be a live gig at the Fox pub!

- No, bigger than that!

- So, a rock festival in some boggy West Coast paddock?

- No, you're on the wrong track - we're not expecting music.

- Oh, you're stressing about ERO!

- Hey does my whole life revolve around work?  (Actually, please don't answer that question, I get the point.)  No, it's bigger than that.

- The second coming?

- No, not messianic, as far as we know, and hopefully more imminent...


Starting out...

Just what the world needs: another blog!

Why exactly did I think it would be a good idea to have a blog?


I live in this crazily remote part of New Zealand (we don't even have a pub) and my friends are all over the place. And I'm so bad at keeping in touch with everybody, I won't have any friends left if I stay here too much longer! I've got do something to stay 'connected'.

Yeah, so nothing beats real face-to-face human contact. But any contact's got to be better than no contact. Aye?


if I can't just have you over for a cuppa...

if it's been a while since we went for a climb...
if I haven't spoken to you on the phone for a while...

...then this might be the best ersatz I can offer.

Oh well, we'll see what this becomes...